Free PC Optimizer Software: Expectations vs. Reality

So, you want to improve your computer’s performance? Truth be told there is an awful lot of PC optimization software out there, some free and dome paid for. Well, like me you might be asking yourself whether there is any point in buying this software when you can get free PC Optimizer software online. But would you be making the right decision getting it for free?

This post is a follow-up to my earlier post “How to make you computer run faster” and I will be discussing free PC optimizer software with regard to expectations vs. reality.

What is a PC optimizer?

To begin the discussion, we need to understand what optimizer exactly a PC optimizer is. In many cases, after a considerable period of usage, your computer tends to accumulate unwanted or unneeded files on the hard drive.

Such files may range from internet junk file to unwanted programs. They are more likely to result in your computer run slower than usual. As I’ve experienced, this can be really annoying.

Software developer who have been produced optimization software have saved you, the computer user, the task of manually removing such unwanted files. Besides, if we had to do this manually, it would drive us nuts.

Great! So in a nutshell the PC optimizer does all the dirty work for you to help maintain your computer’s optimal performance.

Why you need optimizer software on your computer

Now you might be asking yourself, “Why do I need an optimizer on my PC?” Of course the answer to this question might seem quite obvious – to make your computer more efficient. Thought this is correct, it is rather too general. Next I would like to explain what exact tasks PC optimization software perform.

First, when you uninstall software from your computers, there are always some residual files associated with the uninstalled software that remain on you hard drive. These are files you do not need and will simply eat up you disk space.

Now what your PC optimizer does is that it will locate these residual files which on your own you might not be able to find. Once located, it removes them from you computer, freeing up that much-needed space.

Secondly, some PC ootimizers also help to defragment your hard-drive. Fragmented files cannot not normally be identified, well unless you are computer guru of some sort. But if you are like me, ordinary, then the optimization software comes in handy.

Optimization software might also go the long way to perform some extra functions that all work to your convenience. This might be repairing system issues on your computer; boosting internet speeds; removing unnecessary startup items; and even repairing registry files.

Paid for optimizer – what are you paying for?

I really hope that from the above discussion, you now have a clear understanding of the way PC optimization software operate. They more or less keep you house in order.

Now let’s go straight into the business of getting optimizer software. There are various optimization software on the market most of which are paid for.

As any product consumer, I often feel that if I pay for a product then I will actually get a quality service. But is this really true for products such as this?

Well, here, I would like to look into what you are actually paying for when it comes to buying PC optimization software. I’ll review some five PC optimizer software that you can purchase so that you might have a good idea what you are spending your money on.

PC optimization software reviews – Value for money

The PC optimization software reviews I make in this section focus on some upcoming software’s that I consider to be some of the best on the market. Here I give a description of some five optimizer software.

Captain Optimizer


If your looking for an optimizer that will leave your PC running as new, Captain Optimizer is up for the task. This product scans your computer in order to detect and stop system processes that cause your computer to lag.


  • Driver updater
  • Redaduncy check

Get it here for $39.97

PC Services Optimizer 3 PRO

PC Services Optimizer 3 Pro is another top shelf product that tweaks your system. It works by focusing PC memory to where it’s needed. Background services are stopped focusing all memory to what’s important. This software also comes with a game mode which provides gamers with a great gaming experience.


  • Automatic optimization
  • Manual optimization
  • Games optimization
  • Safe optimization

Get it here for only $19.95

STOPzilla Optimizer

This software is generally an antivirus software. However, coupled with the malware detection it conducts on your PC and effective cleaning of any that are detected, STOPzilla Optimizer also help boost PC performance with ability to work in the background without affecting PC performance.


  • Gaming mode
  • Removable drive scan
  • Conserve battery power
  • Enhanced malware detection

Get it here for only $21.85

NETGATE Registry Cleaner

NETGATE Registry Cleaner is another effective tool for boosting PC performance. This software works by defragmenting and removing traces from you hard disk drive can help you manage startup programs.


  • Registry Defragmentation
  • Registry Backup and Restore
  • Startup Manager
  • Uninstall Manager

Get it here for only $22.95

Watchdog PC Cleaner

Watchdog PC Cleaner is another great utility that comes with various facilities to help you get the most out of your PC. This utility scans, cleans, defragments and manages startup applications.


  • Defragmenter
  • Registry cleaner
  • Startup manager
  • Automatic scans

Get it here for only $49.99

From these PC optimizers software reviews you will notice that most PC optimizers that you pay for come with a range of functionalities. There is really a lot you can get from purchasing one single product which is really, in a way, a cost effective way of dealing with a slow computer.

Free PC optimizers – what to expect

Are Free PC optimizers really what they claim to be? Well the fact of the matter is that most if not all paid PC optimizer software come with a free plan and you can opt for a paid plan depending on your needs.

Often times features that are available on a free plan would be quite limited. For instance, the software would scan for junk files but when you want to clean them, it would ask you to purchase the full version.

This is one major drawback when it comes to using free PC optimizers. As compared to a paid product, most free PC optimizer don’t really much up. However, despite the fact, there is still a lot you can get from using a free version that would certainly help boost your PC’s performance.

My verdict

Well having come this far, I would say it is more beneficial buying your PC optimization software rather than using a free version. Free versions, though they mostly will simply clean junk files and that’s just about it, will still leave your computer not running at optimal levels. On the other hand, a paid for version will do a lot more for your PC. It would therefore be a lot more cost effective to spend on getting a good optimization software which will leave your PC running as new.




Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Please understand that once you click on those links I am earning commissions to help me earn an income as a blogger. Yet, that doesn’t mean I’m recommending crap. Because I don’t. Thank you so much

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