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Hi everyone and welcome to Best Computers and Accessories website. Computers have been my passion every since I was10 years old and over the years I have seen the World literary change through the meaningful metamorphosis of the computer from the desktop PC, the laptop and to the modern handheld device.

Being a kid from Africa, I was born in Malawi but the way, it was not easy to get your own personal computer. They were either too expensive or simply not available on the local market. However, with the expansion of the ‘tech world’ thing are becoming easier. As a tech enthusiast, I keep track of me and upcoming computer products on the market.

Now I want to make it easier for you.

Getting that computer either for home or office needs is not always an easy task. Besides, the market is flooded by an infinite number of products. It can get overwhelming, I know.

My job, basically, is to provide you an insight as well as to provide you updates on upcoming or trending computer hardware and accessories and where to purchase them.

A little story about my ‘little tech-world’

Growing up in the early 90s I had complete ZERO idea of what a computer was. The closest thing to a computer was a typewriter or the calculator on my dad’s desk. My first contact with an actual computer came when my dad bought a secondhand Window 3.1 laptop.

Running on 250 megabytes or ram on a DOS was as good as it got back then LOL. This laid a foundation for me and developed my interest in computers.

In 1998, I was introduced to a Windows 95 desktop computer. The World had changed. I mean this was a revolutionary product. It changed everything for me. I explored the new world of computing and by time I graduated from high school, I had accumulated more knowledge on computers than my peers.

A lot has happened over the years. But put simply, this is how my journey started. I have become a tech-enthusiast and I follow all the great new innovations. I live and breathe computers.

A Brave New World

The computer industry has evolved with mind-buggling speed. A day doesn’t go by without witnessing the birth of a new computer gadget. And they keep getting better and better.

Keeping track of all the new tech out there can be overwhelming. Besides the fact, much of the content I am going to be discussing here is going to be centered around helping you identify the most suitable computer or accessories on the market by underlining the key features and specifications of a product.

It’s a brave new world. So keep updated and keep updating.

So have a look around and identify computers and accessories that suit your needs and your budget.

To your best computers and accessories,


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